Factors affecting psychologists’ adoption of an open data badge

The purpose of this research is to investigate the individual, normative and resource factors affecting psychologists’ adoption of an open data badge. The theory of planned behavior is employed as the theoretical framework to explain how these factors impact behavioral intention to adopt an open data badge. A national survey (n=341) of psychologists found that perceived benefits, norms of data sharing and attitude towards an open data badge had a significant positive relationship with attitude toward the open data badge, whereas perceived risk had a significant negative relationship. Perceived effort had a negative relationship to behavioral intention to adopt the open data badge, but had no relationship to attitude formation surrounding the open data badge adoption. The availability of a data repository and pressure from an open science journal did not have a significant relationship to behavioral intentions to adopt an open data badge. The implications for psychologists from a practical and theoretical perspective, and future directions for improving psychologists’ data sharing behaviors are discussed.