A More Beautiful Clinic: Narrative Medicine and Expressive Arts with Patients at WVU Medicine

The panel includes members from a diverse background working towards integrating Narrative Medicine and expressive arts in to healthcare settings. These include a creative writer, a palliative care specialist, an occupational therapist, and an undergraduate pre-med researcher.

Narrative medicine and expressive art approaches will be discussed. All of the panelists have participated in WVU’s first Narrative Medicine initiative at the WVU Cancer Institute (grant funded by WV CTSI and the Benedum Foundation, among others). This will serve as the basis of the discussion, although other clinical projects will also be included. As well, approaches to teaching Narrative Medicine and expressive arts in healthcare from the pre-med level “Medicine and the Arts” course, to inclusion in health professions coursework, and in professional development sessions across the WVU Health Sciences Center will also be included.

The session goals include providing others an idea of what kinds of Narrative Medicine and Expressive arts techniques have been used in clinical settings in Appalachia, the ways in which these projects have been successful, ideas for further implementation, and an understanding of how the panelist explore Narrative Medicine and Expressive Arts in teaching situations. Including a pre-medical student who participated in research shows the change in approach in preparing students to enter into the medical profession.