Growing Up Appalachian in Outlier Urban Environments

“Growing Up Appalachian in Outlier Urban Environments” shares proven methodologies for retaining and transmitting the rural value of community as “extended family” to our children after having migrated from the Appalachia of our youth. Originally formed in 1972 as the Urban Appalachian Council, the phoenix Urban Appalachian Community Coalition is an alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to sustaining and sharing Appalachian cultural heritage in outlier cities like Cincinnati, Hamilton, Middletown, and Dayton where migrants streamed seeking living wage employment. UACC Stewards design and implement local, state and regional programming for community organizations, colleges, universities and service organizations -- sponsoring workshops, residencies, exhibits, music performances and film screenings. UACC teaches advocacy strategies to youth and adults, provides opportunities for leadership with environmental monitoring, community needs assessment, and cultural presentations.