Appalshop at 50: A National Spotlight in 2020

Do you know Appalshop, the multimedia arts, culture and education center in Whitesburg, KY is about to celebrate a 50th Anniversary? We are! Most of our celebration will happen in 2020 and we’re especially excited about the ASA Conference in Kentucky next year, but this is a great chance to sneak peek our 50th Campaign and artwork to mark this special occasion. Organizations like the ASA have helped transform Appalshop from an experiment into a success and will enable our next 50 years of creativity through art, music, theater, film, photography and new medias on the horizon. This roundtable will spotlight how Appalshop’s 50th milestone can echo Appalachia’s story and significance across the country.

As actor, author, and woodworker Nick Offerman recently said, “If every community had an Appalshop, we would all be much better at exchanging handshakes and recipes. They are a beacon of decency and forward-thinking in our country’s continued quest for equal human rights.”