Only in Appalachia

Only in Appalachia (OIA) will be engaging in a “Community Conversation” to discuss our work to reshape the Appalachian narrative through a positive lens. Our theme to cover is “Appalachian Communities: Resilience and Change.” Our work seeks to develop a greater appreciation for the Appalachian region. Storytelling is an effective way to foster pride and responsibility. We hope to explore how positivity and authenticity can affect the perception of the region, leading to increased engagement.

One of our main goals is to share the work being done in the region. Educating ASA membership about this work directly aligns with our mission. We want to discuss the approach OIA has taken to spreading knowledge through social media and encourage ASA membership to utilize creative platforms to hit target audiences. The people of Appalachia are incredibly resilient and many have committed their lives to helping their home.

Our content can be viewed on our Facebook page. We would like to show some of our content at this conference. OIA has several video interviews with community leaders in Appalachia, posts from our “Introducing Appalachia” aims, and highlights from our partnership with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. Each aspect of our product sheds light on the true Appalachia, including its resiliency and changes.

Guiding Questions

  1. What are we overlooking when we talk about the past, present and future of Appalachia?
  2. How will focusing on the positive aspects of the region aide in correcting the issues we face?
  3. What innovations do you plan to use to grow and reach a larger audience?