Queer Subcommittee Visioning

This session will serve as a gathering space for queer and ally folk to gather and make plans for meeting the needs and desires of diverse queer Appalachians. Individuals who have indicated an interest in taking on a leadership role in the committee will guide the discussion but the session will take place as a Committee-Sponsored Roundtable. Possible topics to be addressed include defining goals and audiences, developing a queer mentoring network, and encouraging deeper participation in the life of ASA. Background: ASA Conference attendees named the need for a queer gathering space at and beyond the annual conference during the panel discussion "Claiming and Exploring Queer Appalachian Identities" in Cincinnati (ASA 2018, Session 7.1). Thus, the Queer Caucus Subcommittee of ASA's Diversity and Inclusion came into being! As a pilot subcommittee, we are developing a group mission and vision, to planning for activities and action, and committed to continual outreach across traditional dividing lines.