A new species of Tityus from north-eastern Argentina

Andreas A. Ojanguren-Affilastro and co-workers have recently published a new species of Tityus C. L. Koch, 1836 (Buthidae) from north-eastern Argentina.

Tityus curupi Ojanguren-Affilastro, Adilardi, Cajade, Ramõarez, Ceccarelli & Mola, 2017

Tityus curupi n. sp., belonging to the bolivianus complex, is described from the biogeographically distinct area of Paraje Tres Cerros in north-eastern Argentina. We also present a molecular species delimitation analysis between Tityus curupi n. sp. and its sister species Tityus uruguayensis Borelli 1901 to confirm species integrity. Furthermore, a cytogenetic analysis is presented for these two species which contain different multivalent associations in meiosis, as a consequence of chromosome rearrangements, and the highest chromosome numbers in the genus.

Ojanguren-Affilastro AA, Adilardi RS, Cajade R, Ramirez MJ, Ceccarelli FS, Mola LM. Multiple approaches to understanding the taxonomic status of an enigmatic new scorpion species of the genus Tityus (Buthidae) from the biogeographic island of Paraje Tres Cerros (Argentina). PLoS One. 2017;12(7):e0181337. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae