Applachia'ville is South Charleston WV

Appalachia’ville is South Charleston, WV Syopsis

West Virginia is the only state completely in Appalachia. South Charleston, west of the capitol city, Charleston, is a great example of a rural city that became urban by design. It’s mayor, Frank Mullins, calls South Charleston a small city with big city issues.

Mayor Mullins states he believes that South Charleston is about fifteen years behind Akron, Ohio, but is a city that isn’t trying to be something it is not. The administration is concerned with safety and keeping the streets safe from the opioid crisis affecting many towns in West Virginia. But South Charleston is many faceted and deserves a look at what is a small town in a partially rural county.

By looking at the changes the town has endured, and how they have to adapt to the world as it is, you can see how modern Appalachia can function in the electronic world and with social media.