A review of the scorpion fauna of Greece

Since Aristoteles first mentioned the presence of scorpions in Greece, the number of taxa belonging to this country have increased very much in the last decade thanks to more studies and better taxonomical and phylogentic tools.

Victor Fet and co-workers have written av chapter in book published last Fall summing up the current knowledge of the scorpion fauna in Greece.

A remarkable diversity of scorpion fauna and its distribution in Greece is discussed. The current list of Greek scorpions includes 32 confirmed species belonging to three families (one of Buthidae, seven of Iuridae, and 24 of Euscorpiidae), as well as a number of unassigned euscorpiid taxa. Uncovered only in the last decade, mainly through the use of DNA markers, ‘cryptic’ scorpion fauna of Greece is the most diverse in Europe and rivals that of many other countries.


Fet V, Parmakelis A, Stathi I, Tropea G, Kotsakiozi P, Kardaki L, et al. Fauna and zoogeography of scorpions in Greece. In: Sfenthourakis S, Pafilis P, Parmakelis A, Poulakakis N, Triantis KA, editors. Biogeography and Biodiversity of the Aegean In honour of Prof Moysis Mylonas. Nicosia: Broken Hill Publishers Ltd; 2018. p. 123-34. [

Full text available on Victor Fet's Research gate profile