A new species of Euscorpiops from China

Eric Ythier has recently published a new species of


Vachon, 1980 (Euscorpiidae) from China.

Euscorpiops zhangshuyuani

Ythier, 2019

An identification key for the genus in the Yunnan Province is included.

A new species of scorpion belonging to the genus Euscorpiops Vachon, 1980 (family Scorpiopidae Kraepelin, 1905) is described on the basis of two adult females collected in a montane rainforest formation located in Tong Bi Guan Xiang, Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China, close to the border with Myanmar. This new scorpion taxon represents the 27th known species of the genus Euscorpiops, the tenth reported from China and the eighth reported from Yunnan Province.


Ythier E. A new species of


Vachon, 1980, from China (Scorpiones, Scorpiopidae).

Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France. 2019;124(2):189-96

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Thanks to Eric Ythier for sending me his article!

Family Euscorpiidae