A review of Caballero J, Clauson K, & Benavides S. Get the Residency. ASHP's Guide to Residency: Interviews and Preparation

Considering the increasingly competitive and highly selective residency and fellowship programs across the nation, seeking a residency or fellowship position has become a challenge among many doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) graduates. Get the Residency provides the insights that pharmacist applicants, especially fresh graduates, need in order to stand out from other candidates. Because of the constantly increasing number of PharmD graduates vying for a relatively steady number of residency and fellowship positions, securing such positions has become a more difficult step that requires more effort from the applicant through intense preparation and careful planning. Thus, this text is a great asset for those seeking postgraduate training positions by acquainting them with details related to the application refining process, helping them finish the application process more efficiently, and ultimately boosting their chances of securing a position. This book provides a guide to applicants, enriching them with information that maximizes their chances for obtaining the sought positions. It teaches them the techniques that help them become more competent in order to navigate the matching process successfully.