The Pareto-g Extended Weibull Distribution

In this thesis, the Pareto family of extended Weibull distribution is introduced and discussed extensively. This family consists of the Pareto (Type I) Extended Weibull Distribution or PEW for short, and the Pareto (Type II) Extended Weibull Distribution or otherwise called the Lomax Extended Weibull Distribution or LEW for short. The numbers of the parameters of PEW or LEW depend on the number of parameters for the extended Weibull distribution and type of the Pareto distribution. Some properties of these distributions, such as the hazard rate function, the survival function, moments, skewness, kurtosis, mean deviation and entropies are discussed. The maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters and corresponding confidence intervals are also discussed. We demonstrate the applications and versatility of the distributions over some existing distributions by analyzing real-life data sets.