Microananteroides mariachiarae is a junior synonym of Akentrobuthus atakora

Frantisek Kovarik and co-workers have recently published an article where they present an investigation of the holotype of Microananteroides mariachiarae Rossi & Lourenço,
2015 (Buthidae). The authors conclude that this taxa is a junior synonym of Akentrobuthus atakoraVignoli & Prendini, 2008 (Buthidae).

The African monotypic scorpion genus Microananteroides Rossi et Lourenço, 2015 and its single species M. mariachiarae Rossi et Lourenço, 2015, from Ghana, are herein demonstrated to be junior synonyms, respectively, of Akentrobuthus Lamoral, 1976 and A. atakora Vignoli et Prendini, 2008 from neighboring Benin. We provide detailed high-resolution color photographs of the holotype of M. mariachiarae and further show its real trichobothrial pattern, which was incorrectly depicted in the original description.

Kovarik F, Teruel R, Lowe G. Microananteroides mariachiarae Rossi et Lourenço, 2015 is a Junior Synonym of Akentrobuthus atakora Vignoli et Prendini, 2008 (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2017(246):1-7. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae