INTO Connect Updates

INTO Connect is a software platform that provides faculty and administrators with the opportunity to maintain student records in a secure online environment that meets the privacy policies of the institution and the privacy laws of the federal government. This session introduces the platform to possible new users and highlights the benefits and challenges of using INTO Connect for Academic English programs. The session also explores the possibilities of how INTO Connect can be used to meet the needs of different institutions. In this session, attendees will learn: 1. The benefits and challenges of integrating INTO Connect with your existing program:

A. Faculty buy-in

B. Faculty training

C. Functional use of INTO Connect (Attendance, Reports and etc).

D. Program administration

E. Meeting FERPA standards and institutional standards

F. Costs of setup and maintenance

G. Future uses of the platform

2. Meet the needs of different institutions

A. What is currently available on INTO Connect for use

B. What can be made available on INTO Connect for use

3. Conclusion - Where do we go from here?

Session keywords: technology, online record-keeping, students, teachers, program administration, student services