Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structure of [(C5Ph5)CrCl(μ-Cl)2Tl]2: An Example of the Rare M-X-TlI Linkage (X = Halide)

Reaction of solid TlCl with [(C5Ph5)CrCl(m-Cl)]2 in CH2Cl2 solvent yields the monomeric complex (C5Ph5)CrCl(m-Cl)2Tl in 80% isolated yield. The C5H5 and C5Me5 analogues do not react with TlCl suggesting a steric basis for the reaction of the C5Ph5 material. An X-ray crystal structure of [(C5Ph5)CrCl(m-Cl)2Tl]2•2CH2Cl2 was obtained.