Creative Visioning and Community Building in Rural-Urban Ulster. Heritage Streets Alive 2015 + Derry~Donegal Heritage Landscapes Alive 2017

We create our future world in language ‘today’. When the futures we create together truly meet everyone’s needs - and everyone ‘gets it’ - the possibility for magic to happen exists. As unpredictable opportunities arise, actions by people of all walks of life align. And over time the future we create today becomes our reality.

Standing for a world of love and belonging, and with a commitment to distinctive, connected communities of delight, Mary Kerrigan shares and applies to Appalachia’s urban and rural communities, creative visioning and community building methodologies used in Derry~Donegal Heritage Landscapes Alive 2017, and Heritage Streets Alive 2015.

The former project builds community through ‘hands on’ traditional building skills sharing. The latter engages the communities of three historic streets in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland; and Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland - in strengths based, possibilities oriented dialogue inquiry into their communities’ ‘high point’ experiences – past and present – and collaboratively creating visions of their own.

Accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds these methods offer scope for building community within and between urban and rural Appalachia - through identifying and sharing latent skills, knowledge, experiences, resources, gifts, and talents. And building on existing assets - human and physical. They offer possibilities for collaborative working that helps shift contexts creating, hitherto undreamt of, better futures for all.