Adapting a Place-Based Approach for Urban Appalachian Community Development

Community Matters is an innovative non-profit organization seeking to create a thriving neighborhood by building from the strengths and assets of the Lower Price Hill community in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lower Price Hill is an historically urban Appalachian community that has long struggled with the consequences of generational poverty. Many in the community have the will and the ability to thrive, but need increased access to the opportunities to do so within the neighborhood. In the past five years, Community Matters has tested and launched programs to challenge existing models of community development, create place-based opportunities within the community, and empower residents to led neighborhood initiatives. This presentation will discuss the learnings from three core areas of the organization’s community development work: affordable housing, local business, and social services. Specifically, Community Matters will discuss the Washing Well laundromat, the Opportunity Hub, and the initial exploration of a cooperative housing model in Lower Price Hill.