Sassafras Workshop Presents: Zine Party!

A zine (based on the word “magazine”) is a self published book, primarily made on a home printer. This format is often used to spread social justice messages, but can also be used for creative expression and community building. More than for individual expression, zines can be used as a way to express our collective voice. In this workshop, each participant will create a page for a collaborative zine called “Our Appalachia,” describing what Appalachia looks like to them, and the future they want to build. We will print and stitch the zines together to give to each contributor. Participants can opt-in to be included in a digital version of the zine, which we will share with the ASA community. Bringing this process to the ASA Conference will open a wider regional dialogue and engage a diverse group of people, literally stitching their voices together to create a collaborative work. Most importantly, we hope to give others a platform to tell their stories and see themselves as part of a collective Appalachian voice.