All Access EKY: Full-Spectrum Birth Control in Appalachian Kentucky

Birth control deserts are a lingering problem in American healthcare and are often concentrated in underclassed rural areas. Within Appalachian Kentucky, these deserts are prevalent and pervasive with long-term consequences on the region. Across the state, 47% of all pregnancies are reported as unplanned and research establishes an undeniable correlation between birth rates and birth control access. All Access EKY is a collaborative reproductive health pilot program established for 10 Eastern Kentucky counties with the goal of reducing unplanned pregnancies by increasing access to the full spectrum of birth control. Utilizing the Better Birth Control framework developed from similar successful initiatives, the project is designed to meet the needs of all Kentuckians through a combination of education, outreach, and policy change. As the project evolves, we will continue to learn more about the economic and social barriers that prevent broad and equitable access birth control. This presentation will be a brief overview of All Access EKY’s mission, methodology, and current progress as the project moves into its second year and beyond.