Comedy Scene Development in Appalachian Communities

With a focus on music and comedy communities, your presenters will explore cultivating and sustaining creative “scenes” in Appalachia. Showcasing how collaboration within and between various artistic subsets is vital to creating a flourishing arts community. Regionally, Appalachia lacks certain resources and infrastructure that are necessary for the growth of artists. This presentation aims to define how the region affects the formation and structure of creative “scenes” that are thriving in the area.

The presentation will be set around the explosive growth of the music and comedy community in Huntington, WV. With performers in both genres finding regional to national acclaim, Huntington is a unique case study for how creative communities can thrive in Appalachia. Your presenters will examine the inner workings of the creative community. From the roles key figures within the “scene”, to essential practices, to maintaining a sense of community. Additionally, we’ll compare the development of musicians and comedians in other regions of various sizes to explore how the “scene” dynamics varies from place to place.