"We Are ... Working to Make a Difference: Crafting Community-University Collaborations To Address Significant Problems

In 2005, the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future established the Talloires Network, an organization dedicated to the belief “that higher education institutions exist to serve and strengthen the society of which they are part.”

Those who share those goals conceptualize and conduct that work differently. For the purposes of this presentation, our focus is on collaborative university outreach, which we loosely define as community-university collaborations that rise in response to pressing contemporary problems, and which explicitly seek to positively affect those problems. The particular problems discussed in this panel revolve around some of our region’s most pressing issues: addiction, poverty, and mental illness. In this panel, faculty, staff, and students from one of Appalachia’s mid-sized public institutions explore some of the outreach and research collaborations in which we are engaged, and which we hope might strengthen the society of which we are all a part.