Interactive Energy: Yesterday's Pioneer Medicine, Today's Pioneering Approach

Appalachian Folk Medicine has a long tradition of healing with energy in the form of faith healing, hands-on healing, and moving energy with magnets. Modern holistic approaches that recognize the importance of mind, body, and spirit are gaining new momentum and credibility as research increases and effective new modalities emerge. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the basics of your energy anatomy and how to correct imbalances through interactive energy exercises. We will dive briefly into current research on the topic of energy-based, holistic approaches, and into Appalachian Folk Medicine that is still being kept alive by modern practitioners. You will get the opportunity to feel, channel, and test energy. We will take a multi-modal approach that will give you an overview of Reiki channeling, tuning forks, acupoint tapping, and energy clearing. We will also explore the changes in energy that are experienced when working with one individual, verses working with a group, by conducting a group energy experiment. Prepare to get out of your seat with this interactive introduction to energy healing.