The Appalachia Data Portal (ADP): Exploring Appalachian Population Health Within and Outside of the Appalachian Region

The purpose of the presentation is to provide a demonstration of the Appalachia Data Portal (ADP), which is a suite of online visualization tools for exploring population health data across the 420 counties in the Appalachian region and identifying Appalachia neighborhoods within urban areas outside of Appalachia. The ADP includes the Appalachia Counties Explorer (ACE) and the Appalachia Neighborhood Explorer (ANE). The ACE allows users to visualize economic, demographic, and other types of data for the Appalachian region using maps, graphs, and trend charts. The ANE displays the location of Appalachian neighborhoods within urban areas surrounding the Appalachia region based on the place-based approach defined in the Social Areas of Cincinnati report. Users can then use the ANE to overlay demographic, health, and economic indicators on the Appalachia neighborhoods to explore characteristics of these neighborhoods. Data for these tools come from a variety of sources, including the American Community Survey, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid. The Appalachia Data Portal provides multiple methods for exploring health and economic disparities in the Appalachian region and in urban areas outside of Appalachia, and is a helpful tool for identifying areas of need and bright spots for Appalachian populations.