Camp Washington: Urban Appalachia in the Heart of Cincinnati

Camp Washington is a historically Appalachian neighborhood in Cincinnati. The Camp Washington Community Board, Community School, Urban Farm, Community Council, and Business Association, described below, all work together to improve the area and provide resources for residents. We will discuss each of these innovative community entities, as well as the interplay between these and other local organizations. Together, we try to solve current issues in urban Appalachia, such as addiction, unemployment, and literacy.

  • The Camp Washington Community Board was founded in 1975 to revitalize and rehabilitate houses. That mission continues today, as we meet the challenges of changing demographics and gentrification.

  • Camp Washington Community School was founded in the 1980s to help residents obtain their GED, and to provide qualified workers for local businesses. Today, we have students from around the city, but particularly lower income neighborhoods. Along with GED prep, we also provide job search resources, free books, and computer access.

  • The new Urban Farm brings fresh eggs and produce to residents and a local food pantry. Inmates at the River City Correctional Center provide help.

  • The Business Association is a group of local business owners who meet monthly to network, communicate, advocate, and promote safety. It was originally known as the Camp Washington Business Men’s Club, which was formed in 1909. Over 150 local companies are represented.

  • The Community Council was formed in the 1980s. The city officially recognizes the Council as the civic organization that represents the neighborhood.