Binaural Spatialization for 3D immersive audio communication in a virtual world

Realistic 3D audio can greatly enhance the sense of presence in

a virtual environment. We introduce a framework for capturing,

transmitting and rendering of 3D audio in presence of other

bandwidth savvy streams in a 3D Tele-immersion based virtual

environment. This framework presents an efficient implementation

for 3D Binaural Spatialization based on the positions of current

objects in the scene, including animated avatars and on the fly

reconstructed humans. We present a general overview of the

framework, how audio is integrated in the system and how it can

exploit the positions of the objects and room geometry to render

realistic reverberations using head related transfer functions.

The network streaming modules used to achieve lip-synchronization,

high-quality audio frame reception, and accurate localization for

binaural rendering are also presented. We highlight how large

computational and networking challenges can be addressed efficiently.

This represents a first step in adequate networking support for Binaural

3D Audio, useful for telepresence. The subsystem is successfully

integrated with a larger 3D immersive system, with state of art capturing

and rendering modules for visual data.