Introduction. Mikhail Bakhtin’s Heritage in Literature, Arts, and Psychology

This volume celebrates hundred years of Bakhtin’s heritage: in September

13 of 1919 in the literary journal Den Iskusstva (The Day of the Art) was

published the first work of Mikhail Bakhtin, Art and Answerability, the work

that became his literary manifesto.

This book aims to examine the heritage of Mikhail Bakhtin in a variety

of disciplines. To achieve this end, we drew upon colleagues from eight

different countries across the world--United States, Canada, Spain, Great

Britain, France, Russia, Chile, and Japan--in order to bring the widest variety

of points of view on the subject. But we also wanted this book to be more

than just another collection of essays of literary criticism. For this reason

we invited contributions by scholars from different disciplines- -including

theater, translation, and psychology--that is, those who have dealt with

Bakhtin’s heritage and saw its practical application in their fields. Therefore,

some of these chapters are not written in a typical humanist academic scholarly

style. And that is as it should be.