Notes on the Genera <em>Buthacus</em>, <em>Compsobuthus</em>, and <em>Lanzatus</em> with Several Synonymies and Corrections of Published Characters (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

The taxonomic position of Buthacus armasi Lourenço, 2013, B. clevai Lourenço, 2001, B. huberi Lourenço, 2001, B. maliensis Lourenço & Qi, 2007, B. nigerianus Lourenço & Qi, 2006, Compsobuthus andresi Lourenço, 2004, C. simoni Lourenço, 1999, C. tassili Lourenço, 2010, C. tofti Lourenço, 2001, C. williamsi Lourenço, 1999, and Sabinebuthus elegans Lourenço, 2001 is revised and fictitious characters in their original descriptions are discussed and corrected. Buthacus armasi Lourenço, 2013 is synonymized with Buthacus leptochelys (Ehrenberg, 1829) syn. n., B. huberi Lourenço, 2001 is confirmed to be a synonym of Buthacus occidentalis Vachon, 1953, B. maliensis Lourenço & Qi, 2007 is synonymized with Androctonus aleksandrplotkini Lourenço & Qi, 2007 syn. n., Compsobuthus williamsi Lourenço, 1999 is synonymized with Compsobuthus matthiesseni (Birula, 1905) syn. n., and Sabinebuthus elegans Lourenço, 2001 is confirmed to be a junior synonym of Lanzatus somalicus Kovařík, 2001.