Scorpions of the Horn of Africa (Arachnida: Scorpiones). Part XII. Pandinurus hangarale sp. n. (Scorpionidae) from Somaliland and a review of type locality and true distribution of Pandinurus smithi (Pocock, 1897)

Pandinurus hangarale sp. n. from Somaliland is described and fully complemented with color photos of live and preserved specimens, as well as its habitat. Hemispermatophore of P. hangarale sp. n. is illustrated and described. In addition to the analyses of external morphology and hemispermatophores, we also describe the karyotype of P. hangarale sp. n. (2n=120). Known localities of Pandinurus smithi (Pocock, 1897) are compiled; the type locality is not in Somaliland but in Ethiopia (Turfa) and in reality it is probably an endemic of Ethiopia.