German scorpions

  • Hi all,

    If I may ask those anyone here has a record of common scorpions that can be seen in germany. Please feel free to let me know if this post does not belong here.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. At least I know what types of scorpions are to be found in your country because here in the Philippines we can see Liocheles weigensis and australisae, Isometrus Maculatus, Lychas Infuscatus, Heterometrus Longgimanus Boornensis, Chaerilus Celbensis. I have some documents about their natural habitat I went to research on where and how they live in the wild. Hehehe!

  • Zitat von Scorpion_King

    there were some species of Euscorpius found in germany, but they aren't endemic in germany. There are no scorpionspecies endemic in germany.

    I think endemic is the wrong word. It means that a species is only domestic(I think this is what you meant) in a defined region, like the Galapagos-Isles.