Babycurus kirki (preserved)

  • Some time ago I received a preserved couple of Babycurus kirki from a German skorpionprofessor as a kind gift for my collection. The male is on the left, recognizable by the more bulbous pedipals and the "fatter metasoma"I thought I would share the picture :D

    Add: B.kirki is an unvalid name according to L.Prendini 2004. I have to look at the specimens and ask for more information about this species to give it the correct name.

  • That's a cool gift! The male looks very interesting with the thicker metasomal segments. :-?
    I wish I would have preserved specimen of Parabuthus species. Perhaps I should post an ad on like yours. :D

  • Well,

    Today I checked both specimens under the microscope.
    Checking the literature (Kovariks revision 2000 and Prendini's Gabon 2004 paper) has presented me with a problem:

    According to the key of Kovarik: Babycurus kirki
    Prendini: Babycurus neglectus
    * Babycurus buettneri does not match

    So that means e-mailing both of them and ask more information.

  • Last night I got an e-mail from Lorenzo Prendini. He explained to that the specimens in the picture belong to the species Babycurus kirki.
    Babycurus kirki is a senior synonym of Babycurus neglectus.
    In regard to his paper about the Gabon scorpion fauna (2004), he told me that one should read B.kirki, wherever you read B.neglectus.