Orthochirus fuscipes

  • Hi Beni,

    Es gibt nicht zuviel problemen mit der aufzucht. Nur trocken halten und gut warm, 30 Celsius, und ein oder zwei mahl pro Monate nur ein ecke von becken leicht spruhen.
    Ich weis nicht wie ich das auf deutsch sagen mus, aber: You have to check their anus sometimes (no joke!), sometimes the anus gets blocked by sand, they can die from this (confirmed by other breeders). You can clean it with a wet cotton stick or scrape it of with a needle.

    Sorry fur das spate antwort!

    Ciao, Michiel

  • One fool can ask more then a thousand wise man can answer :D:D:D:D Just a joke offcourse :wink:

    Seriously Marcel, I don't know and this was the only species in my care who's anus needed to be cleaned. who couldn't wipe it's own anus to prevent a certain death. :D
    I feel ackward discussing scorpion anusses, shall we stop :D

  • I don't mind talking about scorpion anusses...this is at least a topic we never had before... :D

    But in fact there must be a special reason for that....i mean, all of them defecate and live in sandy regions...so where is the difference between the anusses? funny question, but very interesting by the way :)

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