• Today I checked my scorpions an there was bad news at first. First thing I saw was an adult male Grosphus madagascariensis (I am glad he had mated with the female twice last week) dead on the substrate, covered with "my best friends in life": mites. :( I was rather annoyed by this, but this is also a part of the hobby, so I continued checking while mumbling some words which I will not post here.
    I glimpsed at the Babycurus gigas enclosures and saw one of the females (female 2 to be exact) had young on her back!! This is her first offspring and it will probably not very high in number, but the young seem relatively large :) I separated her from the others immediately and shot a few pics. This is my second brood from this species and this totally made my day! :D Good thing is, female 3 will also give birth soon.

  • Well, from the first batch there are only 6 youjng left. The female ate smore then half of the young. As she was wandering around the enclosure and squirming under bark and such, she lost several young, and she ate those later on :( I have found 4 others dead on the substrate, so this kinda sucks, bigtime :(

    Good thing is, my good old first female, gave birth to her second brood today :)

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