Warning for user Wakka (Patrik Meyer)

  • I have sold some scorpions to the user Wakka (Patrik Meyer) and all went well, I have sent him the scorpions and he told me that he had transferred the money to my bankaccount, but the money came back, according to him. For the record, I gave the correct IBAN and BIC/ swift etc and I have dealt with people from abroad without any problems, as many of you know.
    He said that his mother tried again to transfer the money to me and I have sent several PM's, but no reply! :(
    Maybe he is on a holiday and he didn't read my messages, but I think he is a scammer! So watch out in dealing with this guy.

    Patrik, I have had a lot of patience with you, but I am starting to get annoyed here. Don't forget that I have your full adress, and if you do not pay within a reasonable amount of time, I will take the necessary measures and I will go to the police.

  • Thanks for the info Robert.

    BTW, I still did not hear from him. I will ask you guys to remove the post when he reacts later on. Otherwise it can stay :1shifty:

  • Hi Michiel,

    is there something new to know about the warning order?

    Best regards

    Hi Martin,

    Ich habe nichts mehr gehort von Wakka. Glucklich geht es um ein relativ wenig geld :)

    Grusse, Michiel